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Hi, my name is William Leborgne, Content Marketing Strategist and fellow digital nomad!

I understand the struggle.

We travel from digital content, to online resource looking for those helpful gems, but mostly finding little more than fluff. And it’s getting harder and harder every day.

That frustration was the impetus for my shift from traditional digital marketing to content marketing. It’s what drives me every day to try and help my clients make a lasting impression.

Every brand, blogger and local band has content it wants you to pay attention to and now the good stuff is lost under a sea of exciting sounding but utterly useless articles.

As a consumer, as well as a creator I want to avoid that with every ounce of energy I have. I built Content That Converts with a pretty self-evident purpose - create meaningful, helpful and highly memorable content that helps convert the reader to a user or buyer.

What motivates me? I’ve spent a decade working in various marketing roles, with Fortune 500 companies as well as ambitious young startups, never finding a truly authentic way to engage customers. That is, until I starting experimenting with content marketing.

In my opinion, it is the most valuable source of engagement with your customers/users, for the simple reason that it provides value back. Why should they give you their time or money for nothing? Content marketing flips the traditional marketing script and says - “hey, why don’t we share our expertise, knowledge or research first. Then, perhaps our customers will be more inclined to trust us and rely on us”.

If you create it, they will come.

Since that time, I’ve proven that truth over and over B2B and B2C companies, in a variety of industries. I’ve helped brands change the demographic of their users, shift their behavior within the product, increase website visits and page views twofold and that’s just scratching the surface.

If you’d like to know more about my story and how I can help your brand today, don’t hesitate to click on that shiny button at the top right and contact us!